Rienk Eelkema Research Lab

Current areas of interest:

Our research is concerned with the design, synthesis, characterization and application of new molecular materials. We have a special focus on using chemical reactivity to control the self assembly of dynamic materials, to make materials that can respond to changes in their environment by moving, or changing color, shape or rigidity, or materials that exist outside of chemical equilibrium.

We are part of the Advanced Soft Matter group at Delft University of Technology
and the Delft Process Technology Institute.

Dynamic covalent materials
Out of equilibrium self assembly
Catalytic control over self assembly processes
Materials for optoelectronic applications
● Organic & polymer synthesis
● Aqueous phase chemistry & assembly

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Rienk Eelkema | Associate Professor | r.eelkema at tudelft.nl | +31(0)152781035 (tel.) | room D2.340 | van der Maasweg 9, 2629 HZ Delft, the Netherlands
Advanced Soft Matter Group | Department of Chemical Engineering | Faculty of Applied Sciences | Delft Process Technology Institute | Delft University of Technology