• International Symposium ‘Catalysis Engineering’  - 28 September
    On the occasion of the functional retirement of prof. Freek Kapteijn an international symposium will take place on the subject
    of 'Catalysis Engineering' on Friday, September 28th, 2018. More information click here.

    International renowned experts will present work on  all aspects of catalysis from the molecular to the reactor scale:
    • Prof. Jürgen Caro (Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany)
    • Prof. Avelino Corma (Instituto de Tecnología Química, Valencia, Spain)
    • Prof. Jorge Gascon (KAUST Catalysis Centre, Saudi Arabia)
    • Prof. Enrique Iglesia (University of California at Berkeley, USA)
    • Prof. Jacob Moulijn (Em. Professor TU Delft, The Netherlands)
    • Prof. Javier Pérez-Ramírez (ETH Zürich, Switzerland)
    • Prof. Enrico Tronconi (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)
    • Prof. Dirk De Vos (K.U. Leuven, Belgium)

Location: Science Centre Delft    ‘Mekelzalen’
Mijnbouwstraat 120, 2628 RX Delft, The Netherlands.

On-line free registration through this link

  • March 23rd (18:00, faculty room) International Dinner CE
    Joane and Marta inspired the CE team for an International Dinner.
    Everybody is invited to bring his/her favourite dish and make everybody enjoy and smile  

  • March 2nd (10:00 h, Aula): PhD Thesis Defense Tim Wezendonk 
    • Promotor(es): Prof.dr. F. Kapteijn, Prof.dr. J. Gascon
    • Title thesis: Iron Catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis derived from Metal-Organic Frameworks: Fundamentals and Performance

  • Tuesday February 6th 16.20 – 17.50 h (Kronigzaal) EUROKIN workshop seminar
    • Title: ‘Benchmarking of lumped kinetic models against more rigorous models’ 
    • By: Jonas van Belleghem and Joris Thybaut (Laboratory for Chemical Technology, Ghent University), and Mauro Bracconi and Enrico Tronconi (Laboratory of Catalysis and Catalytic Processes – Dipartimento di Energia, Politecnico di Milano).


  • December 8th (19:00 h): X-mas dinner Restaurant Full Moon, The Hague

  • November 3rd (12:30 h): PhD Thesis Defense Yixiao Wang
    • Promotor(es): Prof.dr. F. Kapteijn, M. Makkee
    • Title thesis: Next Generation Automotive DeNO𝑥 Catalysts: Ceria What Else?

  • October 29th - November 1st: EuroMOF 2107 conference Delft (Aula)
    • October 28th: 5th MOF Young Investigators Symposium (Kronigzaal - Building 58)
    • November 1st: M4CO2 Dissemination workshop (Aula)
    • November 2nd: Post conference workshop 'Advanced porous materials for Industry: Metal Organic Frameworks, porous Polymers and beyond’ (Kronigzaal - Building 58)

  • October 26th (12:30 h): PhD Thesis Defense Jara Garcia Santaclara
    • Promotor(es): Prof.dr. F. Kapteijn, Prof.dr. J. Gascon, Dr. M.A. van der Veen
    • Title thesis: Understanding metal-organic frameworks for photocatalytic solar fuel production

  • October 25th (12:30 h): PhD Thesis Defense Xiaohui Sun
    • Promotor(es): Prof.dr. F. Kapteijn, Prof.dr. J. Gascon
    • Title thesis: Metal-Organic-Framework mediated supported-cobalt catalysts in multiphase hydrogenation reactions

  • April 25th (10:00 h): PhD Thesis Defense Irina Yarulina
    • Promotor(es): Prof.dr. F. Kapteijn, Prof.dr. J. Gascon
    • Title thesis: Engineering Selective and Stable Methanol to Olefins Catalysts

  • April 11th (12:30 h): PhD Thesis Defense Anastasiya Bavykina
    • Promotor(es): Prof.dr. F. Kapteijn, Prof.dr. J. Gascon, Prof. dr. M. Makkee
    • Title thesis: Porous Organic Frameworks in Catalysis

  • March 27th (15:00 h): PhD Thesis Defense Sumit Sachdeva
    • Promotor(es): Prof.dr. E.J.R. Sudhölter,  Prof.dr. J. Gascon, L.C.P.M. de Smet
    • Title thesis: Gas Sensing by Metal Organic Framework based CMOS Platforms


  • October 10th (10:00 h): PhD Thesis Defense Indra Puspitasari
    • Promotor(es): Prof.dr. F. Kapteijn, Prof.dr. P. J. Kooyman
    • Title thesis: Towards high resolution operando electron microscopy of a working catalyst

  • March 24th (15:00 h): PhD Thesis Defense Maxim Nasalevich
    • Promotor(es): Prof.dr. F. Kapteijn, Prof.dr. J. Gascon
    • Title thesis: Metal Organic Frameworks for solar energy utilization

  • March 10th (10:00 h): PhD Thesis Defense Christa Ros
    • Promotor(es): Prof.dr. F. Kapteijn, Prof.dr. G. Mul, Prof.dr. P.J. Kooyman
    • Title thesis: Electrochemical production of hydrocarbons from carbon dioxide and water CO2 + H2O → hydrocarbons + O2


  • July 8th (15:00 h): PhD Thesis Defense Maarten Goesten
    • Promotor(es): Prof.dr. F. Kapteijn, Prof.dr. J. Gascon
    • Title thesis: Crystal Engineering with Metal- Organic Frameworks

  • May 22nd (12:30 h): PhD Thesis Defense Martijn de Lange
    • Promotor(es): Prof.dr. F. Kapteijn, Prof.dr. J. Gascon, T.J.H. Vlugt
    • Title thesis: Metal-Organic Frameworks For Adsorption Driven Energy Transformation – From Fundamentals To Applications


  • December 3rd (15:00 h): Inaugural address Jorge Gascon
    Title: When Materials meet Chemical Engineering

  • December 2nd (10:00 h): PhD Thesis Defense Abrar Hakeem
    • Promotor(es): Prof.dr. F. Kapteijn, M. Makkee
    • Title thesis: Water-gas shift catalyst development for energy efficient applications

  • October 31st (12:30 h): PhD Thesis Defense Pablo Serra Crespo
    • Promotor(es): Prof.dr. F. Kapteijn, Prof.dr. J. Gascon
    • Title thesis: Aminoterephthalate Metal-Organic Framework: synthesis, characterization and applications


  • July 15th: MOF symposium at TUDelft
    A special symposium has been organized on the occasion of the PhD defense of Jana Juan Alcañiz with lectures by Francesc X. LLabrés i Xanema and Shuhei Furukawa.

  • July 15th (10:00 h): PhD Thesis Defense Jana Juan Alcañiz
    • Promotor(es): Prof.dr. F. Kapteijn, Dr. Jorge Gascon
    • Title thesis: Engineering of Metal Organic Framework Catalysts

  • June 28th (12:00 h): PhD Thesis Defense Dirk (T.J.A.) Renckens
    • Promotor(es): Prof.dr. ir. M.T. Kreutzer, Prof. dr. G. Mul
    • Title thesis: Kinetics of chemisorption and physisorption in liquid phase using a microfluidic ATR-FTIR flow cell

  • May 31st: Catalysis Engineering 7th Reunion
    Dear members and alumni of the Catalysis Engineering community, almost three years have passed since we met at our last 6th reunion, so time for a new one! We’ll do our best to make it a success again.
    We selected Friday 31st of May as the most appropriate date to have a chance to get informed about our current activities and the developments in the last three years, to see new faces and to renew old contacts. Of course you’ll receive then our famous reunion booklet.
    We hope many of you can make it on this date, and we look forward meeting you then.

  • April 2nd - 4th: 16th and final Workshop of the International Research Training Group "Diffusion in Porous Materials"

  • January 10th: Dies Symposium Structure in Catalysis
    On the occasion of the 171st Dies Natalis of TUDelft and the nomination of prof. dr. Avelino Corma (ITQ, Valencia) as Doctor Honoris Causa at TUDelft, a special Dies Symposium is organised at the Chemical Engineering department. Young scientists from Dutch academia will give their view on the significance of structural aspects in catalysis. This symposium will be closed with a lecture of the recipient. You are all invited to attend this symposium. Entrance free, please register by email to 


  • December 10th: PhD Thesis Defense Jasper Bakker
    • Promotor(es): Prof.dr. J.A. Moulijn, Prof.dr. F. Kapteijn, M.T. Kreutzer
    • Title thesis: Multiscale Structure-Performance Relationships in Supported Palladium Catalysis for Multiphase Hydrogenations

  • November 26th: PhD Thesis Defense Christian Nederlof
    • Promotor(es): Prof.dr. F. Kapteijn, M. Makkee
    • Title thesis: Catalytic dehydrogenations of ethylbenzene to styrene

  • November 12-16 and November 23, 2012, Delft,  Advanced Catalysis Engineering Course 

  • October 1st: PhD Thesis Defense Jianrong Li
    • Promotor(es): Prof.dr. J.A. Moulijn, M. Makkee
    • Title thesis: Lignocellulosic biomass conversion into platform chemicals in molten salt hydrate media


  • June 4th, Delft    Catalysis Engineering - Reunion


  • November 23-27, Delft    NIOK's Special Course 'Advanced Catalysis Engineering'

  • October 25th, Delft        11th International Symposium on Catalyst Deactivation
    The past CATDEACT conferences have been very succesful. They earned a strong reputation as new series of international conferences on catalyst deactivation. CATDEACT11 will build on a succesful tradition focusing on classical deactivation in main-stream heterogeneous catalysis and the impact on the process behaviour, but it is also shaped to account for the importance of the phenomenon in homogeneous catalysis, bio-catalysis, deactivation in fuel cells and in new processes for valorisation of renewables. CATDEACT11 includes topics on chemical and mechanical deactivation as well as new techniques for studying deactivation and regeneration.



  • November 11st, Delft    
    PhD Thesis Defence: Malte Bartels: Agglomeration in Fluidized Beds: Detection and Counteraction
    Unwanted agglomeration in fluidized beds is a major problem in industrial practice and one of the main bottlenecks in the   course of switching from fossil fuel to biomass as a regenerative energy source. In this thesis methods to efficiently detect and counteract agglomeration in both lab- and industrial scale are investigated
    09:30 Short introduction on the topic
    10:00 Defence
    Location: Aula (Senaatszaal)


  • November 10th, Delft    
    PhD Thesis Defence: Wei Wei: “Tuning of Fe and V sites in Microporous and Mesoporous Materials for O2 and N2O Induced Selective Oxidation Reactions"
    Promotor:      Prof. Dr. J.A. Moulijn
    Copromotor: Dr. G. Mul
    Efficient conversion of propane to propene is highly desired by the chemical industry. This thesis describes the characterization and performance of Fe- and V- catalysts supported on structured microporous and mesoporous materials in oxidative dehydrogenation (ODH) of propane to propene with different oxygen agents, viz., O2 and N2O:
    09:30 Short introduction on the topic
    10:00 Defence
    Location: Aula (Senaatszaal)


  • October 31st Brussels: Meeting of the Dutch Zeolite Association.
    DZA08Scientists from Academia and Industry are invited to participate in the annual meeting of the Dutch Zeolite Association, to be held at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Brussels, on October 31 2008. A plenary lecture will be given by Dr. Giuseppi Bellussi, the new IZA Ambassador, and the recipient of the 2007 IZA Award.