Bart van der Linden

ce Bart van der Linden 1A

Van der Maasweg 9, 2629 HZ Delft 

Room E2.200

Tel: *31 (0)15-278 8320

Technical Support

Together with Oscar Kerkenaar, Bart van der Linden, Kevin Mouthaan and Willy Rook, I am one of the 5 technicians of the section Catalysis Engineering (CE).

It is my job to make sure the scientists (PhD-students, postdocs and Msc-and Bsc-students) can do top research. Advice is not only given on how to build, construct or modify setups. As a research assistant I will go into detail to perform the best experiments.

The technicians also have a lot of contact with the TU Delft department workshop (Demo), the facilities (FMVG), LMS, the Department Safety Officer (DSO) and with other technicians in the DCT-building.

The following setups are my direct responsibility:

  • Multitrack / TAP
  • Spectroscopy (FTIR, Raman, UV)
  • TGA
  • Gas-Chromatography
  • TPR /TPD /TPO temperature programmed technique
  • Vacuum-technique
  • Mass-spectrometry

With most of the other setups I can also help (and otherwise one of the other technicians can help).

Area Supervision

  • Deputy Area supervisor of the Multirackzaal and Spectroscopy Lab.

Teaching Activities

  • Assistant LO practicum and Msc / Bsc Projects

Followed Courses

  • Summerschool Spectrocat Caen (2010)
  • Safe working with gascylinders (2004)
  • FTIR introductie cursus (2003)
  • Swagelok Tubing Course (1999)

Research Activities

Several research projects have been done in the field of spectroscopy and mass-spectrometry. This leads as a co-author to the latest publications.

  1. Highly dispersed Platinum in Metal Organic Framework NH2-MIL-101(Al) containing Phosphotungstic Acid  - Characterization and Catalytic Performance. E.V. Ramos-Fernandez, C. Pieters, B. van der Linden, J. Juan-Alcañiz, P. Serra-Crespo, M.W.G.M. Verhoeven, H. Niemantsverdriet, J. Gascon and F.Kapteijn.  J.Catal. 289, (2012), 42-52 
  2. Artificial Photosynthesis over Crystalline TiO2-based Catalysts: Fact or Fiction. C-C. Yang, Y-H Yu, B. van der Linden, J.C.S. Wu, G. Mul, JACS 132, NO.24 (2010) 8398-8406.
  3. Acrylate and propoxy-groups: Contributors to deactivation of Au/TiO2 in the epoxidation of propene.A. Ruiz, B.van der linden, M. Makkee, G. Mul.Journal of Catalysis, 266 (2009) 286-290.
  4. Gold supported on mixed oxides for the oxidation of carbon monoxide.F. Moreau, G.C. Bond, B. van der Linden, B.A.A. Silberova, M.Makkee. Applied Catalysis a: General, 347 (2008) 208-215.
  5. On the mechanism of model diesel soot-O2 reaction catalysed by Pt-containing La3+-doped CeO2: A TAP study with isotopic O2. A. Bueno-Lopez, K. Krishna, B. van der Linden, G. Mul, J.A. Moulijn and M. Makkee, Catalysis Today, 121 (2007) 237-245.

Additional information

  • Member of the TAWN (Thermische Analyse Werkgroep Nederland)
  • Member of the NEVAC (Nederlandse Vacuumvereniging)
  • Member of the IRDG (Infrarood & Raman Discussie Groep)