Liliana Baron

Van der Maasweg 9, 2629 HZ Delft 

Room E2.200

Tel: *31 (0)15-278 3038

Technical Support

Together with Bart van der Linden, Willy Rook and Harrie Jansma, I am one of the 4 technicians of the section Catalysis Engineering (CE).

It is my job to make sure the scientists (PhD-students, postdocs and Msc-and Bsc-students) can do top research. Advice is not only given on how to build, construct or modify setups. As a research assistant I will go into detail to perform the best experiments.

The technicians also have a lot of contact with the TU Delft department workshop (DEMO), the facilities (FMVG), LMS, the Department Safety Officer (DSO) and with other technicians in the DCT-building.

The following setups are my direct responsibility:

  • GC
  • UPLC
  • TGA
  • BET

With most of the other setups I can also help (and otherwise one of the other technicians can help).

Area Supervision

  • Deputy Area supervisor of the Catalysis  Engineering  Lab (E2.190)

Teaching Activities

  • Assistant LO practicum and Msc / Bsc Projects