van Steijn Research Lab

The ambition of my group is to contribute to solving problems in the area of life sciences and health through the development of technology, in particular technology based on microfluidics. The four themes in my group are:

(1) "droplet microfluidics", (2) "fundamentals of droplets, interfaces and emulsions",

(3) "in-vitro arterial model for cardiovascular research", and (4) "diagnostics for early disease detection".

For these last two themes, my group members actively collaborate with researchers at the nearby medical centers, particularly in Rotterdam (EMC) and Leiden (LUMC). We are part of the Product and Product Engineering group at the Department of Chemical Engineering at Delft University of Technology, of the Human Disease Model Technology Institute and of the Delft Process Technology Institute.


Please visit my google scholar page for the most up to date publication list. Some selected and recent publications are displayed below.

Recent publications

Lovrak et al. "Nature Communication" - accepted.

Lovrak et al. "JACC: Basic to translational science" - under review

Haringa et al. "Physics of Fluids" - under review

Mytnyk et al. "RSC Advances" - accepted.

Selected publications

Lovrak et al. 2017 - Nature Communication - Free-standing supramolecular hydrogel objects by reaction - diffusion

Musterd et al. 2014 - Physical Review Letters - Droplets on inclined plates: local and global hysteresis of pinned capillary surfaces

van Steijn et al. 2009 - Physical Review Letters - Flows around confined bubbles and their importance in triggering pinch-off