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Johan Grievink

Johan Grievink

Contact details

  • Prof. emeritus Johan Grievink
  • Process Systems Engineering (kindly hosted by PPE)
  • Room F2.430
  • van der Maasweg, 9, 2629 HZ, Delft, The Netherlands
  • Phone: +31-(0)15-2784376

Research interests

Methods, modelling and computing for conceptual design and operation of chemical process plants and sustainable supply chains
My focus areas:
  • Interactions between product and process design
  • Design and operability aspects of intensified sustainable processes
Application domains:
  • Processes for structured products (crystallization) and energy carriers (Gas-to-Liquid).

Recently completed PhD theses in the PSE domain

  • Dr. Bogdan Dorneanu, TU Delft, July 2011, "Model reduction in chemical engineering. Case studies applied to process analysis, design and operation.".
  • Dr. Marco van Goethem, TU Delft, November 2010, " Next generation steam cracking reactor concept."
  • Dr. Richard Lakerveld, TU Delft, June 2010, "Development of a task-based design approach for solution crystallization processes."
  • Dr. Austine Ajah, TU Delft, Feb. 2009, "On the conceptual design of large-scale process & energy infrastructure systems. "
There will be no new PhD projects in the PSE area.

Industrial consulting and advice

Industrial process synthesis projects and associated supervision of PDEng students.
A brief description of my professional experience can be found here.

Professional experience Johan Grievink (Prof. em. Process Systems Engineering, TU Delft)

His key expertise is in modelling and optimisation for synthesis, analysis and optimal operation of chemical manufacturing processes. This main theme in his career started in 1971 when being employed by Shell Research. Till 1992 he worked for Shell as a scientist-engineer and research manager in mathematical modelling and optimisation for process development, design and operations, with multiple postings in The Netherlands and the USA. From 1992 - 2007 he was a full professor in Process Systems Engineering in the department of Chemical Engineeering at Delft University of Technology. After formally retiring in 2007 he is active in supervising remaining research (PhD) and design doctorate (PDEng) students and doing R&D related consultancy for the process industry (e.g. Shell Technology, Amsterdam).

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