van Steijn Research Lab

The ambition of my group is to contribute to solving problems in the area of life sciences and health through the development of technology, in particular technology based on microfluidics. The four themes in my group are:

(1) "droplet microfluidics", (2) "fundamentals of droplets, interfaces and emulsions",

(3) "in-vitro arterial model for cardiovascular research", and (4) "diagnostics for early disease detection".

For these last two themes, my group members actively collaborate with researchers at the nearby medical centers, particularly in Rotterdam (EMC) and Leiden (LUMC). We are part of the Product and Product Engineering group at the Department of Chemical Engineering at Delft University of Technology, of the Human Disease Model Technology Institute and of the Delft Process Technology Institute.

Recent news

June 2017 - Volkert re-nominated as Teacher of the Year for the faculty of Applied Sciences.

June 2017 - Our paper in on the engineering of hydrogel objects in Nature Communications just appeared online.

July 2017 - Serhii to join to our research team as a postdoc on a Dutch Cancer Society (KWF) research grant. The general aim of the research, conducted by a large consortium with researchers from the Radboud UMC, Erasmus MC, VUMC, is to identify RNA markers in urine and to use those for early detection prostate cancer. Please check here for more information.

June 2017 - Mahsa to start her PhD project on the fundamentals of droplets flows in microchannels. Mahsa will carry out her work in the group by Piotr Garstecki in Warsaw on a European COFUND Research grant and will perform part of her research work with us in Delft.

May 2017 - Crowd funding "Dutch Heart Foundation"now live. Please donate to help us develop smart nanoparticles for rapid treatment of stroke. A cool animation of our idea + additional details on the project and how to help us can be found here.

March 2017 - We received a research grant from the Dutch Technology foundation to develop a deeper understanding of the rich dynamics occuring during the drying of complex mixtures. The work will be carried out by three PhD students (in Delft and Wageningen University) and aims to contribute to better understand spray drying processes under industrially relevant conditions, see the news flash on the STW website.

March 2017 - Our paper on the all-aqueous production of capsules has just been accepted in RSC Advances - please check it out.

Feb 2017 - Our paper in on the engineering of hydrogel objects is accepted in Nature Communications. Soon to appear online.