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PPE Tuesday Lectures - schedule

The location for the Tuesday lectures is B58 - E1.020 - Faculty Room and the lectures are from 16:00 - 17:00. There are usually 2 types of presentations during the Tuesday lectures:

  • Regular presentations - should be a 15 minute talk plus 10 minutes for questions/discussion.
  • Introductory presentations - should be a 5 minute talk plus 5 minutes for questions/discussion.
You are expected to focus on 'relevance' (why is the topic interesting / relevant?) and on 'goals' in your 5 min introductory presentation, and not on what you have done so far. Three slides (out of a maximum of five) that are a must are "Relevance", "Goals", "Approach". Discuss the contents of your talk with your supervisor(s) and practice the presentation several times to make sure content and timing are OK.

If you would like to schedule a presentation, please send an email with the title of your presentation to:

Once a month we order pizzas and drinks that we can enjoy after the lectures. This is scheduled on the first Tuesday of every month. With this comes the responsibility of cleaning up afterwards. Each month, a couple of students are responsible for this chore. Please check the lecture schedule regularly to see when you are responsible for the chore. If it is your turn, please make sure of the following:

  • The empty boxes are properly disposed off.
  • The leftovers are stored in the refrigerators.
  • The tables are clean and the room is tidy.

Upcoming presentations

Date Presenter Presentation title Chores
28-08-2018 Maulik Shah/ Vera Wissel On thermal fluctuations in thin film dynamics/ Atomic Layer Deposition on Pharmaceutical Particles for Drug Delivery Applications [MSc Intro]
04-09-2018 Yasmine Keehnen DNA delivery using pulsed electric field - Effect of DNA size [MSc Halfway]
11-09-2018 Max Bailey Molecular Layer Deposition of Ultrathin Polyester and Polyamide Films on TiO2 Nanoparticles [MSc Intro]
18-09-2018 Serhii
25-09-2018 Ankit Shekhar/Tim de Bruijn Gold Deposition on Titania nanoparticles using ALD method and it's application as a photocatalyst/Microfluidics in lichen: learning from nature [MSc Intro]
02-10-2018 Joppe Hartog Using microfluidics for the development of a Lutetium-177 radionuclide generator [MSc Halfway]
09-10-2018 Manu Vishal Stability of thin films on chemically patterned substrates [MSc Intro]
16-10-2018 Narayani Deshpande Reconstituting actin cortex in GUVs using microfluidics and subsequent electroporation [MSc Intro]
23-10-2018 No Lecture
30-10-2018 Akash Gandhi/Arvind Pari Design of an effective photocatalyst using ALD (MSc Intro)/Dynamic behavior of Thin Films (MSc Intro)
13-11-2018 Shaurya Sachdev Electric field mediated DNA delivery
20-11-2018 Ruud van Ommen e-Refinery: towards sustainable production of chemicals and fuels
27-11-2018 Dominik Benz Role of Pt on P25 as efficient photocatalyst for water remediation
04-12-2018 CHAINS Conference (No Colloquium!)
11-12-2018 Naomi du Pree Oxygen Transfer and Oxygen heterogeneity in a Microfluidic Picoliter Bioreactor [MSc Intro]
18-12-2018 Nuria Navarrete Argiles/ Feilong Sun Development of nanofluids based on nanoencapsulated phase change materials/ Introduction to the group
25-12-2018 Christmas (No Colloquium!)
01-01-2019 New Year's (No Colloquium!)
08-01-2019 Lucas van Kleef Conversion of alpha-lactose monohydrate to anhydrous lactose using an extruder [MSc Intro]
29-01-2019 Vera Wissel Atomic layer deposition on pharmaceutical particles for drug delivery applications [MSc Halfway]
05-02-2019 Tom Knobbe Starch deaeration by air suction [Introductory presentation].
12-02-2019 Niek Wessels Geopolymerisation hardening of (calcined) AMORAS waste [MSc Halfway]
26-02-2019 Dorien Kalmijn/ Max Bailey Modeling DNA Condensation on Lipid Bilayers [Introductory presentation]/ Fluidized Bed Molecular Layer Deposition of Ultrathin Poly(ethylene terephthalate) Films on TiO2 P25 Nanoparticles [MSc Halfway]
05-03-2019 Birte Luyck [Intro]
12-03-2019 Arvind Pari Dynamics of thin liquid films subjected to external forcings [MSc Halfway]
19-03-2019 Manu Vishal / Hans Uitenbroek The effect of thermal noise on the de-wetting dynamics of thin films on chemically patterned substrates [MSc Halfway] / [MSc Intro]
26-03-2019 Narayani Deshpande / Lucas van Kleef Reconstituion of Actin Cortex in Liposomes using Microfludics [MSc Halfway]. / Conversion of alpha-lactose monohydrate to anhydrous lactose using an extruder [MSc Halfway].
02-04-2019 Yamuna Sakthivel Coating the facades of buildings with TiO2 [MSc Halfway].
09-04-2019 Akash Gandhi Photocatalyst for H2 production.
16-04-2019 Michiko van Ouwendorp / Tom Knobbe Separation of D-limonene from waste citrus peels [MSc Intro] / [MSc Halfway].
23-04-2019 Hans Uitenbroek [MSc Intro].
30-04-2019 Naomi du Pree Cell Growth in Oxygen Fluctuating Microfluidic Picoliter Bioreactor [MSc Halfway].
7-05-2019 Georg Pesch [Intro]
14-05-2019 Dorien Kalmijn Modeling DNA Condensation on Lipid Bilayers [MSc Halfway]
21-05-2019 Isabell Bagemihl [Intro]
28-05-2019 Maulik Shah [Cancelled]
4-06-2019 Erik Sewalt
11-06-2019 Riccardo Uglietti A multi-scale approach to the simulation of fluidized systems: from particle tracking to microkinetic analysis
18-06-2019 Michiko van Ouwendorp Separation of D-limonene from waste citrus peels
25-06-2019 Dominik Benz / Alessandro Cianciosi
02-07-2019 prof. Robin Ras Superhydrophobic surfaces: slippery and never wet

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