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  • Fill in this form, scan it, and send the digital version to Elly, our secretary.
  • Fill in the BEP Application form or the MEP Application form, and send it to the Thesis Office. For the most up to date version of the forms, please check Blackboard, see Blackboard Delft > organization> education > applied sciences > Eindprojecten Administratie TNW/Thesis Office Applied Sciences.
  • Also send a digital copy of the form to Elly.
  • Have a photo taken by Elly to be posted on the website. She is available on Wednesday afternoons.
  • For more information on BSc/MSc projects and the work flow, please check out this general BSc/MSc workflow form
  • Send an email to Maulik; he will create your wiki-account
  • Arrange a desk (together with your supervisor)
  • After your forms are processed, you will receive an email with an invitation to make a general safety test through a system called Lab Servant. Without successfully completing this test, you can't do lab work.
  • Note that a separate safety test on bio is necessary to work in labs F2.420, E2.620, E2.310. You will receive an email through the lab servant to make this test.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Safety and Lab Habits; don't do experiments without approval of your safety assessment sheet by the area supervisor; don't use equipment without being properly trained (examples of equipment for which you need training include: high speed camera's, confocal microscope)
  • Attend the colloquia on every Monday (12:45, lecture room A, lunch included)
  • Attend the group lectures on Tuesday afternoon (schedule)
  • Introduce yourself in the group (e.g. in the first Tuesday meeting you attend)
  • For PhD students & postdocs: Attend group meeting and journal club on Tuesday, starting at TBA
  • For BSc & MSc students: contact Shaurya to schedule a 5min presentation

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