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[08-2018]David Vermaas’ start-up company AquaBattery live on radio and in Green Challenge final

The start-up company AquaBattery, from our staff member David Vermaas, develops batteries working on the entropy change of salt and fresh water. Out of >800 applicants, AquaBattery has been chosen as one of the 5 finalist for the Green Challenge. The winner of the Green Challenge will receive 500k Euros from the Postcode Lottery for the best green new technology. The winner will be announced on September 13. Related to that, David Vermaas has been interviewed by the BNR Nieuwsradio and Sublime FM radio this week. You can listen back to these interviews in the podcast (#59, from 5:03) and here.

[21-2018] David Vermaas awarded the 2018 Waterman Sustainability Award

The H.I. Waterman Sustainability Award, consisting of a cash prize and a Waterman Medal set with inscription, is awarded every two years to a scientist from one of TU Delft departments Bionanoscience, Biotechnology or Chemical Engineering who ‘has exerted him/herself in the field of the development and implementation of methods that simultaneously improve the environment and reinforce the economy, with the emphasis on biochemistry, biotechnology and chemical engineering in the broadest sense of the word’. The award therefore serves as a link between the 3 departments in the new Applied Sciences building.

[06-2018] Sasa Kenjeres has been elected as a member of the Scientific Council of the International Centre for Heat and Mass Transfer, as a representative for The Netherlands.

[06-2018] Em. Prof. Kemo Hanjalic of TNW/ChemE/TP has, for the second time in his career, been nominated as one of the 10 candidates for the prestigious Global Energy Prize

“For outstanding contribution into the development of the fundamentals of thermal physics, experimental and computational methods of studying turbulence and eddy flows of multiphase media with the aim of developing modern power-generating and energy-saving equipment.”

[10-2017] 15 PhD Vacancies for TOMOCON

For more information on the projects, you may contact Sasa Kenjeres,Rob Mudde or Luis Portela (

[09-2017] PhD Defense Ozgur Gunyol 26/09/'17

Upcoming wednesday 26/09/'17, TP's PhD candidate Ozgur Gunyol will hold his PhD Defense on "Computational Fluid Dynamics of Gassed-Stirred Fermenters". Time: 26/09/'17 15:00h. Location: Aula, Senaatzaal.

[06-2017] MSc student Aswin Muralidharan graduated with distinction

Aswin Muralidharan graduated the MSc Chemical Engineering with distinction. He was supervised by Sasa Kenjeres on the topic "In-Vitro Validation of Cardiovascular Flows using Particle Image Velocimetry".

[06-2017] David Vermaas facilitates technology exposition in Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum in Rotterdam has opened an exposition to demonstrate operation at drilling platforms, and to show new technologies that relate to renewable energy capturing from water. Our TP’s faculty member David Vermaas explains in a video in the museum how energy can be stored using salt and fresh water (Blue Battery). A news item about the exposition was shown on the national Jeugdjournaal. You can visit the exposition in the Maritime Museum until October 2017.

[02-2017] David Vermaas father

We congratulate David Vermaas and his wife Anne with their new born son Olivier!

[02-2017] Rob Mudde wins IChemE’s Frank Morton medal for excellence in chemical engineering education

The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) has awarded the Frank Morton Medal 2016 to TP's professor Rob Mudde, "in recognition for his sustained activity in inspiring chemical engineers for 25 years using a range of methods and an innovative approach to teaching."

The Frank Morton Medal is named in memory of a past IChemE President Professor Frank Morton and commemorates his dedicated service to teaching. The award provides professional recognition by IChemE for excellence in chemical engineering education. The Morton medal is awarded to the individual who has best demonstrated excellence in chemical engineering education. In particular, it looks to recognise the work of outstanding educators as well as 'game changers', and to promulgate best practice in chemical engineering education.

The medal will be given to Rob Mudde at the IChemE Annual General Meeting on May 10, 2017 in Birmingham.

[02-2017] Rob Mudde has been appointed acting head of the dept. of Imaging Physics

We are proud to announce that Professor Rob Mudde has been appointed acting head of the department of Imaging Physics (Imphys) for a period of two years with effect from 1 February 2017. Rob Mudde is professor of Multiphase Flow in TP and since January 2016 has been a Distinguished Professor in Science Education at TU Delft.

[01-2017] Sasa Kenjeres elected in Eurotherm Committee

We are proud to announce that Dr. Sasa Kenjeres, Associate professor in TP, has been elected as the Netherlands representative in the Eurotherm Committee. The EUROTHERM Committee ( was formed in Brussels on 16 October 1986 following an initiative taken at the 8th International Heat Transfer Conference in San Francisco earlier that year. The aim of EUROTHERM is to promote and foster European cooperation in Thermal Sciences and Heat Transfer by gathering together scientists and engineers working in specialised areas.

[01-2017] MOOC "Advanced Transport Phenomena" released

The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) "The Basics of Transport Phenomena" kick-started last year. After the success of the basics course, a new advanced course ("Advanded Transport Phenomena") was created. The new course went online January 4th on the EdX platform.

[01-2017] TP Graduates of 2016

The following students have obtained their bachelor or master degree in 2016 within our group. Congratulations!

MSc: Joep Hennen (AP); Anze Cesnovar (CE); Joost Klip (?); Lynn Zegers (CE); Jaap Beekers (AP); Kelbij Star (AP); Madelon Molhoek (CE); Kars van der Steen (AP); Ruben Vandewijer (CE); Leon Hassing (AP); Sagar Harinarayan (CE); Kristian Van Berlo (CE); Shaikh Bechan (?); Ivo Sprinkhuizen (CE); Lucas van Rijnsoever (?); Boris Naar (AP); Isabelle Blakborn (AP); Frenk Versendaal (CE); Othmar Popken (CE);

BSc: Geoffrey Havermans (TN); Victor Oppeneer (TN); Dmitri Visser (TN); Matthias Kortleven (TN+TW); Anda Filipovic (TN); Mathijs van Zon (TN); Koen van der Sanden (TN); Tom Joosten (TN+TW); Sander de Haan (TN); Erik Meulman (MST); Floris Buwalda (MST); Fabian Brull (TN); Pascal de Koster (TN+TW); Jelle Mol (TN+TW); Joel Kroese (TN); Jasper van der Auweraert (TN); Stephan van Kleef (TN);

[12-2016] Student Amit Koikkarah Aji wins Venlo Circular Challenge 2016

Amit Koikkarah Aji, (M.Sc Chemical Engineering Student) recently participated in a sustainable business challenge called "Venlo Circular Challenge 2016" conducted by Sustainable Motion NL from November 4th to December 16th. Twelve teams around the Netherlands were selected to participate in the challenge. The challenge has 3 business case studies from Royal Zon, Office Depot and Oce with each business case having 4 teams to work with. He was working on a remanufacturing business case by Oce along with 3 other members (Amarens (Masters Student, Venlo), Stefka (Masters Student, Tilburg) and Nila (Masters Student, Nijmegen) and they emerged victorious in the final held on 16th December. The jury member complimented the novelty of their solution and also the way his team tackled the overall challenge. His team will now be presenting their case at the International Cradle to Cradle Congress in Venlo on March 22, 2017 along with the officials from Oce.

[11-2016] David Vermaas’ spin-off company AquaBattery wins Herman Wijffels Innovation Award

The spin-off company AquaBattery of TP’s faculty member David Vermaas was awarded with the Herman Wijffels Innovation Award on November 3rd, for the most sustainable innovation in the category ‘Circular economy’. AquaBattery develops stationary electricity storage using the osmotic power from mixing salt and fresh water. This enables to store excess of renewable electricity, by concentrating the salt water using ion exchange membranes and an electric field. When electricity is required at a later moment, electricity can be generated from the salinity gradient over the same ion exchange membranes. Hence, the energy is stored in mixing entropy, instead of reaction enthalpy in traditional batteries.

The jury praised AquaBattery’s product for its use of sustainable materials (water and salt), scalability and safety. The award includes a gift of € 20.000 to further develop this type of electricity storage. AquaBattery developed its product in collaboration with Wetsus and TU Delft, and will start a pilot test next year for electricity storage in households at The Green Village at the TU Delft campus.

[10-2016] MOOC "The Basics of Transport Phenomena" back online

The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) "The Basics of Transport Phenomena" kick-started last year. A whopping number of students had enrolled for the course: 7570, consisting foremost of students from India and the USA. Good luck fitting that many students in a physical lecture room!

October 21st 2016 the course goes online for a second time on the EdX platform. How many students will enroll this year?

[04-2016] Dr. Rajat Bhardwaj's research featured in Delta magazine

Our former PhD student, now Doctor, Rajat Bhardwaj was interviewed by Delta magazine (Dutch only). His work was about a cheap sustainable way of providing drinking water to the poor: the solar still. Having been raised in India, he has witnessed the many issues of the lack of healthy drinking water for the poor. As an example, a bright eight-year old girl in a class he taught was forced to leave school to provide her family with fresh drinking water.

In the interview he talks about his motivations, experiences and ambitions.

[04-2016] Benhard Righolt's paper selected as editor's choice

The paper "Analytical solutions of one-way coupled magnetohydrodynamic free surface flow" by TP's PhD student Bernhard Righolt has been selected as editors' choice by the journal Applied Mathematical Modelling.

Editor Dr Petar Liovic says, "This paper presents analytical solutions to the problem of flow in a conducting liquid pool where recirculation is driven by imposed potential differences and transverse magnetic fields, in what is a well-defined 2D interfacial magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) flow. Comparison against Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) enabled analytical model accuracy preservation with changing dimensionless parameters to be quantified. This paper should primarily serve the CFD community well as a benchmark problem for free surface MHD flow, enabling the coupled effects of MHD force modelling, surface tension modelling, jump conditions capturing, discretisation schemes and mesh resolution to be interrogated. Moreover, the paper features a useful demonstration of the utility of the moving mesh interface tracking method, and its recent implementation in OpenFOAM as the interTrackFoam module."

[02-2016] Prof. Mudde appointed as "Distinguished Professor"

Prof. R.F. Mudde has been appointed as "Distinguished Professor in Science Education" by the Board of TU Delft.

The "Distinguished Professorship" is a very exceptional and honourable title, that TU Delft has awarded to 3 current professors within the entire university only. The title has been awarded to Prof. Mudde for his great achievements in the innovation, improvement and organization of the education at TU Delft. A well deserved distinction.

[02-2016] Tenure-Track position filled by David Vermaas

We are pleased to announce that the open tenure-track position within our group will be filled by dr. ir. David Vermaas. He will join our group in May 2016.

He obtained his PhD with distinction, entitled "Energy Generation from Mixing Salt Water and Fresh Water. Smart flow strategies for reverse electrodialysis.", from Twente University on January 17th 2014. He is currently a PostDoc within the MECS group at TU Delft, working on membranes for solar fuel applications.

Within our group he will be working on ion transport in bipolar membranes, nanostructures in membrane electrode assemblies, and carbon slurries.

[02-2016] TP will move to a new building in mid-June

As part of the reorganisation of the faculty of Applied Sciences, the departments BioNanoscience, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology will move to a new building. The new building is at the very south of the TU campus, Van der Maasweg 9, next to the Reactor Institute Delft.

After having moved several times the past 5 years, our group - Transport Phenomena - will move mid-June to the new building. This building should be our final destination for years to come.

[01-2016] TP Graduates of 2015

The following students have obtained their bachelor or master degree in 2015 within our group. Congratulations!

MSc: Ruben Zinmeester, MSc AP; Matthijs Rietveld, MSc AP; Bram Bavelaar, MSc CE; Tjeerd Visscher, MSc CE; Sherwin Safavi Nic, MSc CE; Maulik Shah, MSc CE; Yingying Luo, MSc CE; Kevin van As, MSc AP; Kimberly Bouman, MSc CE; Aparna Chandrasekar, MSc CE; Pieter Berghout, MSc CE; Okke Groen, MSc AP; Conrad de Jong, MSc CE; Gyllion Loozen, MSc AP;

BSc: Zimo Sibbing, BSc AP+TW; Laurens Tijsseling, BSc AP; Shimroy William, BSc AP; Ruben Biesheuvel, BSc AP; Walter Janssen, BSc AP+TW; Jules de Winter, BSc AP; Lennart Nieuwenhuijse, BSc AP; Marenka Brussee, BSc MST; Sybren Zwetsloot, BSc AP; Jochem Jongerius; Erik IJzermans, BSc AP; Duco van Holthe tot Echten, BSc AP; Niek Wessels, BSc MST;

[11-2015] Shell Graduation Award for Kevin van As

PhD-student Kevin van As won a Shell Graduation Award (2014-2015) for his MSc thesis work. He studied MSc Applied Physics at TU Delft, and graduated on a joint project between our group, Transport Phenomena, and the Optics group, under the supervision of Dr. S. Kenjeres and Dr. N. Bhattacharya. The work was a novel project, in which he developed a computer code which is able to compute the light scattered by an ensemble of spheres. This may be used to study light scattering by red blood cells, with the ultimate goal of extracting cardiac parameters from the scattered light.

The award has been awarded on November 30th 2015 in the "Hodshon huis" of the KHMW. A news article has appeared in "AD Groene Hart" (01 Dec 2015), "Witte Weekblad" (02 Dec 2015), "TU Delft intranet", and "TU Delft Delta".

[11-2015] Prof. Mudde retires as director of education TNW

Prof. Rob Mudde retires as of January 1st 2016 as the director of education TNW [ref]. He was the director for the past 9.5 years, and was of great importance to many developments within the bachelor and master studies within the faculty of Applied Sciences.

He will now continue with the university-wide 'Education in the Spotlight' project as member of the Executive Board. The project aims to form a university-wide education community and organise educational activities for and by lecturers.

[11-2015] Babyboom at TP

TP welcomes two newly born babies. Congratulations to Niels Looije and Chirag Khalde!

[10-2015] Kevin van As elected as best MSc Applied Physics graduate 2014-2015

Kevin van As, who is now doing a PhD with us, was elected by the jury as the best Applied Physics MSc graduate of 2014-2015.

[09-2015] Kramers-Beek Medal for Prof. Kleijn

Professor Chris Kleijn was awarded the Kramers-Beek medal on September 4th, for the playful manner in which he approaches his field of expertise.

The Kramers-Beek foundation has the goal to perpetuate the legacy of Professors Hans Kramers and Wiero Beek within the field of Physical Technology. In short this legacy entails a combination of fundamental research with a playful approach.

Every two years the medal is awarded. The jury has chosen Professor Kleijn because he means a lot to his students. In 2012 he became the head of the researchgroup Transport Phenomena and he has published many articles.

EFCE lifetime achievement award for prof. Van den Akker

The Working Party on Mixing of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE) has awarded the 2015 BHR Group Lifetime Recognition Award in Mixing to Professor Harry Van den Akker. Harry was selected as this year's winner of the triennial award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the field of mixing science and technology in the process industries throughout his 38 year career. Please click here for more details.

De Telegraaf newspaper interviews post-doc Dries van Nimwegen

Post-doc Dries van Nimwegen has been interviewed by Telegraaf newspaper where he talks about his research and experimental setup. His project has been in collaboration with the group of prof. R.A.W.M. Henkes of 3ME department, funded by NAM. His work on effect of surfactants on gas liquid flow in vertical pipes is critical for oil and gas industry. This interview was part of NAM campaign about the awareness of the foam usages in gas wells. More can be found here.

Dries will defend his PhD thesis on June 15th at 15:00. All the best!

Research of our PhD student Michiel Musterd featured in Delta magazine

After publishing in Physical Review Letters on the roll-off behaviour of droplets, our PhD student Michiel Musterd has been interviewed by the Delta magazine. You can find the full interview on their website. (Dutch only).

Phys. Rev. Lett. on Local and Global Hysteresis now published

We proudly announce that our most recent work on pinning of droplets is now published in Physical Review Letters. The paper by Michiel Musterd, Volkert van Steijn, Chris Kleijn and Michiel Kreutzer is entitled "Droplets on inclined plates: Local and global hysteresis of pinned capillary surfaces" and deals with a theory that accounts for constrained contact line motion. Including this constrained motion in the model allows a description of previously unexplained phenomenon for droplets on inclined plates. The theory paves the road to a fully predictive model of droplet pinning by identifying the effect of the droplet width as the sole contributor to the history effects at roll-off.

Article by Kamali and Van den Akker featured on Advances in Engineering

The article entitled Simulating Gas–Liquid Flows by Means of a Pseudopotential Lattice Boltzmann Method was recently published in Industrial Engineering Chemistry Research and has now been recognized by the selection team of Advances in Engineering as a key advancement in the field.

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