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Elin Vesper

Elin Vesper

Modelling of Vapour Flows for Design Optimisation of a Novel Physical Vapour Deposition Apparatus

Contact details

  • Elin Vesper
  • Delft University of Technology
  • Dept. Chemical Engineering
  • Transport Phenomena Group
  • Building 58, Room F2.150
  • van der Maasweg 9, Delft, The Netherlands

Research interests

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Gas Dynamics
  • Physical Vapour deposition
  • OpenFOAM


  • B.Sc., Mechanical and Process Engineering, TU Darmstadt, Germany
  • M.Sc., Mechanics, TU Darmstadt, Germany


Research description

Machinery and tools often require a coating to avoid corrosion or change its surface properties. Physical Vapour Deposition achieves this by evaporating the coating metal in a chamber, which is connected via a nozzle with a vacuum chamber. A supersonic jet emerges from the nozzle and transports the vapour to a metal sheet where it condenses and forms the coating. Compared to other coating methods Physical Vapour Deposition has a high flexibility regarding thickness and composition for the coating while maintaining a low energy consumption and waste production. My project aims to understand the underlying physics and dependency on process and geometry parameters better. For this purpose a hybrid numerical solver based on a continuum solver and a Discrete Simulation Monte Carlo shall be developed in the open source simulation toolbox OpenFOAM. This shall be used to study the deposition in single and multiple species jets as well as the interaction of multiple jets.

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