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Cees Haringa

Cees Haringa

Hydrodynamics of three phase flow in industrial fermentation processes

Contact details

  • Cees Haringa
  • Delft University of Technology
  • Dept. Chemical Engineering
  • Building 58, Room F2.130
  • van der Maasweg 9, Delft, The Netherlands

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Research interests

  • Reaction dynamics in multiphase flows
  • CFD-aided Scale-up/Scale-down
  • Biochemical inter-intracellular environment interactions
  • (Bio)Microfluidics
  • Mixing/mass transfer in viscous media


  • MSc Chemical Engineering, Delft University of Technology, 2013
  • BSc Chemical Engineering, Delft University of Technology, 2011


Research description

For centuries fermentation processes have played a major role in the fields of food and pharma. Regarding the current popularity of the 'bio-based economy' it is expected that both the number and size of fermentation processes will grow. With that rises the need for a better understanding of the dynamics of fermentation processes, and the behavior of said processes upon scale-up. A "traditional" approach - calculating the average environment the biomass experiences and using this as a basis to calculate an fermentation yield - is unapplicable; large-scale fermentation processes feature 3-phase flow with large reaction gradients. Furthermore it is well known that biomass responds to its environment in a highly non-linear fashion. Hence; for an accurate estimation of biomass dynamics, we aim to better understand the conditions cells experience during their trajectories through a reactor. The basis for this is a CFD framework, based on which we design representative scale-down experiments to yield experimental insight, and eventually aim to develop a robust scale-up strategy for fermentation processes. This work is supported by DSM and the NWO/MoST-Hé fund. Experimental work is performed by the East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST) at Shanghai

Student projects

Currently I have the following projects available directly:

  • Assessing non-ideal mixing in lab-scale fermentations (MSc, numerical)
  • Implementation of viscous-kla correlations in FLUENT (BSc/MSc, numerical)
  • Gas-phase modelling in large scale fermentors (MSc, numerical)
  • Influence of impeller spacing on down-pumping behaviour (BSc, numerical)

Other projects can always be discussed. If interested, an experimental project on flow in stirred tanks with cooling coils or multiple downpumping impellers can be designed; for such a study some equipment will need to be prepared so please discuss the possibilities several months in advance! If you have any personal ideas for projects you wish to discuss, always feel free to do so.

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