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Wellcome to the Boukany Research Lab

Wellcome to the Boukany Lab. The Boukany research group focuses on fundamental and applied topics in soft living matter, with a major emphasis on controlling and understanding the dynamics and transport of DNA into living cells. To do this, we apply cutting-edge micro/nano-fluidic technologies to manipulate and control the DNA and biomolecules for both fundamental biophysical studies and applications, such as non-viral gene therapy, biosensing and cancer therapy. We will employ both experimental and theoretical approaches in our research to understand fundamental issues in a wide variety of applications ranging from micro/nanofluidics, DNA biophysics, molecular rheology to gene therapy.


Current research schematic of Pouyan Boukany's research

We will use DNA as a nanotemplate to produce biochips for drug/gene delivery, bio-sensing and medical diagnostic applications and as a model to probe the dynamics of complex fluids. Our research objective is comprised of two main thrusts. The first one is devoted to use nanofluidics-based devices for providing quantitative insights into the fundamental mechanism of drug delivery, disease treatment, gene therapy and response of individual cells to therapeutic/biomolecular reagents. The second one is to understand the molecular dynamics of complex fluids using DNA as a model and advanced visualization techniques. Our interdisciplinary team will focus on new and exciting research in the following areas:

Given the multidisciplinary nature of our proposed research, I will actively seek collaborations with experimental/theoretical scientists in biology, chemistry, biophysics, and chemical engineering. Potential collaborators are encouraged to directly contact me at

Student projects

Highly motivated students interested in conducting exciting and rewarding projects are encouraged to contact me at

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